Why “The Legends of Swordsman” Have an Attraction for Readers

Why “The Legends of Swordsman” Have an Attraction for Readers

It is a popular novel where you can find action, adventure, and revenge. It is the story of a boy, Mike, who has been blessed with magical power and strength. He is a master in martial art, but he does not tell anybody about his strength and practice secretly. He wants to free his family from the injustice rule of guys.

But in the competition, he is not selected, and the judge and master of Martial art show prejudice and declare him a failure. At this time, he was blessed with a magical power by heavenly power that came in the form of a red air current and made mike tremble. An electric current fills his body with a superpower, and he becomes one of the strongest, using these extraordinary powers to avenge his enemies.

He encounters many hardships in his life and starts to cultivate heavenly creation skills. With his hard work and defying cultivation methods, he became one of the unmatched practitioners of his age. He has no match for his skills and kills all his enemies using his extraordinary sword skills.

Some Pros and Cons of this Novel

Although this novel “legend of swordsman” has a long list of chapters and is not easy to digest for everyone, this long list makes this novel very difficult to read for new readers or slow readers. It has a weak plot but is well structured to keep the reader on track. When the guy is taking revenge for his people's s death, he does not torture the enemies and kills them. It has some good points also, such as it is a fast-paced story and you may find the hero very smart to perform at the right moment. He fully knows how and when to watch the enemy. This feature makes this novel special and more prominent than other Chines novels.

You can find various plots and planes, but you cannot find messing things with each other. It is well planned and well-structured novel. The story is about a swordsman, but the main character does not fully demonstrate this title. He has different powers to compete with his enemies.

The fighting scenes are not too long and do not end at the death scenes. They are short and satisfy the readers. You may find this novel with any glimpse of romance as you find most other Chinese novels. It is different from other types, which is a good point of this novel. When we talk about disgusting and unbearable things associated with frogs and the well, it can be neglected.

Why it has Low Rating

Except for all these good qualities and features, this novel has a low rating because it has long chapters, and not everyone can digest it. This long description makes this novel difficult for readers and people.

Genre & Type

The novel type and genre are adventures, action, martial art, and Xuanhuan. Xuanhuan means it contains immortal cultivation. It is a looser and broader genre and has some elements of other genres, such as science fiction and western fantasy, magical powers, etc.