What Makes a Good Barber Chair?

What Makes a Good Barber Chair?

The barber chair is a piece of furniture at the center of any barbershop. It's where you'll find most of your clients sitting as they get their hair cut.

The original barber chair was designed to look like a throne, which gave customers a sense of royalty when they sat in it! It had high backrests which provided both comfort and support while getting their hair cut. But just what makes a barber chair so special?

There are many things that make barbershop chairs so special. Here are some of them:


The seat should be comfortable enough for you to sit on for several hours at a time. It should also be adjustable so that it can accommodate people with different heights and weights.

Back rest

A backrest helps in providing support for both your neck and back while you're sitting on the chair. It should be adjustable as well so that it can fit perfectly with your body shape and size.

Arm rests

Armrests are important when you're getting a haircut because they help support your arms while holding them up all day long while getting your hair cut by someone else. Ideally, they should be long enough so that they can support your arms fully without any strain on them whatsoever!

Safety features

A good barber chair should have safety features such as a locking mechanism and adjustable armrests that help prevent injury. The chair should also be easy to clean, and it should have adjustable height and tilt settings so you can quickly adjust it for different clients.


You want your client to feel comfortable in the chair while they're getting their haircut, so make sure you choose one that offers plenty of support and padding. A good option is an adjustable headrest so you can make sure they get the right angle on their neck while they're sitting down.


You'll want a chair with style so it fits into your overall decor, but beyond appearance there are other things to consider when choosing a new chair for your salon or barbershop. For example, if you're looking for something that's going to last, choose one made from durable materials like steel or aluminium instead of plastic or wood parts that might break down over time. It's also important to choose chairs with features like cushioned backs and arm rests because these will make your customer feel more comfortable when they're getting their hair cut.


The good news is, today's modern barber chairs are more comfortable and feature-rich than even the most lavish barber chairs of decades past. But, with all these options and a seemingly endless array of manufacturers, there are still plenty of rogue manufacturers aiming to take your hard-earned dollars with cheaply built, low quality products. Know what to avoid and what to look for when buying a new barber chair, so you can ensure you'll be getting a chair that you and your customers both enjoy.

Highlighted here are key elements that can have a real difference on your comfort level in the chair. Hopefully this will be useful to you when making your decision.