Things To Consider When Choosing Volleyball Elbow Pads

Things To Consider When Choosing Volleyball Elbow Pads

Not all volleyball players wear elbow pads. However, those who didn't have significantly acknowledged the importance of elbow pads after their injuries. They are more than a knitted elastic piece that covers your elbow.

Elbow pads prevent your elbow from impacts and frictional burns. Moreover, they improve blood circulation and provide the needed support to prevent muscle stress throughout a long game. Although countless brands make volleyball elbow pads, not all are equally reliable. Therefore, choosing your protective pads wisely is essential, as they can make or break your elbow!

7 Factors to Consider During Your Elbow Pad Purchase

1. The Material

Volleyball elbow pads come in various materials like nylon, polyester, neoprene, spandex, etc. You must choose a durable material that lasts for quite some time. You wouldn’t feel much excited about buying a pair of elbow pads every time there is a practice match.

Usually, polyester and nylon materials for these pads are durable and prevent impacts better.

2. The Padding

Next comes the padding. Since elbows take the most brutal blows during the grind in a volleyball game, you need thick paddings to protect them. Most protective paddings are made from silicon as they are more resistant to impacts and abrasions. However, some brands also use silicone gel to maximize protection. Elbow pads with silicon gels are usually more expensive than simple silicon patches.

Foam and rubber paddings are also available. Yes, they are durable and impact-resistant, but their lifespan is slightly less than silicon elbow pads.

3. Breathability

Starving your arms of air is not ideal as the heat can make you feel fatigued. Usually, elbow pads have good breathability. But if you are playing in a hot area, you must double-check whether the product provides the needed breathability.

4. Size

Usually, players make the mistake of buying mismatched elbow pads. Buying loose elbow pads means the sleeve will slip when you need it. In contrast, purchasing a tight sleeve prevents proper blood flow and is difficult to put on and take off.

Therefore, buy the exact size. No doubt, these pads are stretchable, but small-sized elbow pads will never get on an adult-sized arm.

5. Budget

Although sports accessories are not expensive, it's suitable to look at the available price range before setting out to buy. Mostly, it will cost up to $30. However, they may cost in case of an expensive brand.

6. Pairs

Elbow pads come in pairs and are available singularly as well. Single volleyball elbow pads work when you lose or wear out one pad. However, buying pairs of volleyball elbow pads is more logical as both elbows remain equally protected. But if for some reason you want a single piece, they are also available.


Volleyball elbow pads are essential as you cannot evade the injuries on the game ground. Elbow pads support your arms and help increase your performance. Moreover, they protect your elbows as severe impacts can damage the bursa (a fluid-filled sack between the elbow and arm).

The above list explains the most important things you must ensure in your volleyball elbow pads. It would be best if you only bought a perfectly sized pair as a loose or tight elbow pad will do more harm than good. Measure your arms and elbows and compare them to the available size chart. You can also try the pads on and see which size fits best. Also, don’t forget to check breathability, durability, and padding material.