The Complete Guide to Refillable Vape Pods vs Not Refillable

The Complete Guide to Refillable Vape Pods vs Not Refillable

With YouTube tutorials on "how to" refill a vape pod's empty cartridge spreading like wildfire, it is not hard to tell which is refillable pod or not. Do pods come with too much responsibility and knowledge from tutorials just to refill one? Or perhaps an effortless way is readily available from the beginning?

Two Kinds of Vape Pod Systems

There are only two kinds of vape pods; the closed tank and the open tank pods. Closed-tank vape pods are the most common and readily available in the market. These vape pods come with the device pod itself and a pre-filled canister of e-juice. On the other hand, Open tank vape pods are those devices that come with only the device and an empty canister. Depending on the brand, sometimes it does come with a coil compatible with the specific brand of pod device.

Closed Tank Pod System

This vape pod system has a cartridge meant to be replaced and disposed of once empty. It is not designed and regulated to be exploited for a refill of e-juice. Since one of its market values comes with its ease of use, just a plug-and-play vaping system, it should be meant to stay that way. Exploiting the sealed empty cartridge to refill it is a big no and should not be followed just because someone random on YouTube says it. First, the cartridge is tightly sealed to prevent e-liquid leaks and is only meant for single-run use. Next, it is manufactured that way to be replaced and not refilled. Manufacturers spent countless of time perfecting this product to deliver satisfaction and safety. Lastly, why bother with all the hassle without assurance that it will succeed on the first attempt when there is a safer alternative?

Open Tank Pod System

The open tank is the type of vape pod to pick if wanting a refillable one. It is designed to be refilled with various features to prevent e-juice leakage. Most of the open tank pod systems have interchangeable coils. Using different coils will bring a different type of vaping experience for each one. Changing the coils and refilling the cartridge is easy and safe since it is designed to be this way. A safe and satisfying vaping experience is easily achieved without exploiting a pod system and using a nonsense YouTube tutorial.


These two pod systems have advantages and drawbacks like any standard device. The Closed tank pod system's advantage is undoubtedly the ease of use. Attach the pre-filled cartridge, turn on the device, and start puffing. When it is empty, replace the old cartridge and start vaping again, just like that. The drawback is the cartridges that you can use on your pod system should be compatible or the exact cartridge the brand wants you to use for that specific model. This would limit flavor options, but if your brand is generous enough, like MKG vape, the selection of flavors should not be an issue. MKG's closed tank pods are better than a refillable pod.

As for the open tank pod system, the refillable feature and the option to change the coil are the best features of these pods. It is highly satisfying to use as long as you refill it with a salt nic or pods compatible e-juice. However, these are a few setbacks for the open tank pods. First, the coil may be interchangeable, but you may only use compatible coils provided by the same brand that made your pods. This can be a bust for the wallet because sometimes reputable brands suddenly stop producing coils for your specific pod's model to give way to a newer model. In that case, you will need to buy a newer model. Leakage also can be a problem with open tank pods. This is a case-to-case basis mainly because it is human error. However, the fact that the issue is there is worth mentioning for awareness.

Final Thoughts

Throughout the day, both open-tank and closed-tank pods are on equal terms. Not one of them is superior to the other. What is undoubtedly superior is considering one's safety as a responsible vaper by not supporting or following the exploits against any device's designed features.