Guide to Choosing the Right Window Regulator

Guide to Choosing the Right Window Regulator

A window regulator is designed to help close and open car windows. If it breaks down, a new one must be installed. When it comes to choosing a regulator for a car window, you need to ensure you get the right one. There are different versions available, making the process a bit overwhelming. The following are the factors to help you choose the best window regulator.

Type of Window Regulator

There are different types of window regulators. They are classified based on their design and technique of operation. Also, they vary depending on whether your car is a newer model or an older model. These are the major types of window regulators:

Mechanical Window Regulators

These regulators are designed to use hand-operated handles to lower and raise the window. You can find them in old vehicles. In addition, budget vehicles have them. Although they are easy to maintain, they are not convenient. Moreover, it needs effort to operate.

Power Window Regulators

These are also known as electric window regulators. They are designed to have a motor. This is a critical part of mechanism and it is not replaceable. You will find this type of window regulator installed in modern vehicles. It offers many benefits, such as effortless activation, convenience, and central electronic controls. Due to use of electronic parts, these window regulators are costly and difficult to maintain.

Scissor Window Regulators

These window regulators have a mechanism that is similar to a scissors. Ideally, it has two hinged arms. These regulators expand to lower the window and raise it. You will find them to be durable and robust, since metal parts are difficult to break. Also, you can find them available as both powered and manual.

Cable Window Regulators

These are the modern window regulators with advanced design. They feature pulleys or rollers for down and up movement of the car window. You will find them in newer vehicles. They are lightweight and compact, hence preferred in most cars. The only issue with them is that they are prone to damage. They are known to break down due to repeated use.


This is another vital factor to consider when choosing a window regulator. Remember that the mechanism of operation is suited to be used on a given vehicle type and model. However, there are some vehicles that use universal window regulators. Make sure you consult the manufacturer of your vehicle. When buying at the local store, you should check whether the window regulator is compatible with your vehicle.


Ensure you choose a brand of window regulator that provides quality you can rely on. Some brands are quite popular than others, but this does not imply they are the best. Always pay attention to the reputation of the brand. You can read online reviews and testimonials from the past customers. It is advisable to choose less-known brands as they can save you a lot of money. Additionally, popular brands can be very expensive. It is advisable to analyze the market prices to choose a window regulator that suits your needs.