4 main aspects about citing a dissertation in APA style

When we are writing a thesis, it is essential to get some knowledge about its form. There are several kinds of techniques made by the experts, but if we don’t know it’s meaning, then it is a wild thing to write. A writing concept needs everything in the proper language. Most of the time the writer likes to uses APA citation. The APA stands for American physiological association, which includes all the information about the topic. APA citation for dissertationis used to add more information in the content.

How to cite a dissertation in APA style?

The citing is that aspect which helps the reader to get some knowledge. It is essential because the reader will get the information about the original content.

Author’s name

When you are writing the dissertation, then it is essential to write the author’s name. If the reader does not get your concept, then they can search for the writer. The author name is written on the bases of the topic. If in the entire content there is more than one author has written the material, then you have to write them also.

Publication year

The publication year is essential to write. In most of the cases if the reader wants to know more knowledge about the topic, then with the help of page number, they will get it. Mostly in each writing concept, there are two authors, and each author has different year research.

Page number


While citing the dissertation in APA style, you have to write the page number. It is not essential that you need to write page number with proper description. If you have taken the use of a single page, then you write ”p” only, or there is more than one page, then use “pp.” No more description is needed.

Introduce the author

When you have written the author’s, then it is a necessary thing to introduce the author with the content. In most of the cases, the writer may not present the author; then the reader may get confused about the author and writer. That’s why it is essential to introduce the author with the content.

So, these are some aspects of citing a dissertation in APA. Make sure that the language must be written in that style, which is easily understandable to the reader. Try to make your content useful way.